Realized I have a fake YYR; what do


So it has come to my attention that I have a fake YYR Messiah. This was traded to me a long long time ago (by Red Yoyos if anyone cares). I don’t even remember what I traded for it.

Anyways, what are the rules on handling a fake YYR. Am I allowed to sell this thing if I make clear it is not authentic? Do I have to engrave “fake” on it? Do I have to keep it forever?

Yeah, help a bro out

Pics below


keep it i say if it is a very legit copy of the orginal


you can sure as heck sell it. it’s still a yoyo. you just won’t get YYR prices for it.


No you cant. The rules state you may not deal with any bootleg or copied/illegal yoyos. EVEN if you say where it came from and clearly state it is fake. Just have to keep it, unless you know people personally.


Yes this was my concern. The person I sell it to may not be honest and could potentially scam someone else.

I just remembered now. I traded a C3 Winningbird and C3 Halo for it. Dammit hahah


well you had it for a while… meaning you liked it enough to keep it for this long. So just keep it I’d say. Just because the yoyo is a bootleg does not mean it plays differently


If you like it, keep it. If not, post if up and say it’s a fake.


you don’t NEED to sell it on YYE.


Do you mean the user YoRed or Is it actually Red Yoyo?


He said Red Yoyo, did he not?


Searched the user and nothing comes up.


Red Yoyos


Oh sorry, I was going of what bc said, but the OP did have the right one.


Red Yoyos has 30 positive feedback here and 98 positive feedback elsewhere so he seems like a super trustable guy. Probably didn’t know that he was trading me a fake YYR.
I hope


Can you blast it to bare metal and sell it as a yoyo?


No. It’s still fake YYR.


Having played fake Messiahs before, I’d say keep it. They’re awesome.

Sure you can sell them, just not here. YYE is very clear about that. Even if you were to state it’s a counterfeit.


They Probably play the same ha…


Lots of people have been sayin that! Theres def vibe, and the binds are super slippery but that may also be due to the nature of an undersized yoyo.


You absolutely cannot sell a fake yoyo of any brand on YYE. This is to prevent the downstream scamming of others who may be less honest than you and to also kill the market for bootleg yoyos within the YYE community.

You can sell it off on other forums, ebay, at meets, etc, but I’d advise disclosing it’s a fake.

Sorry you had ended up with a fake. :frowning: