-Ready for PNWR 2013-

I’m ready this year. Using my Irony JP.

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Thats awesome!

Amazing is the word!

why aren’t you sponsored yet?

Totally awesome dude. Love watching you throw, so smooth.

2 questions man.

What yoyo drugs are you taking and where can we get some?

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Smoother than a baby’s butt! Does your Irony use performance enhancing drugs?

My yoyo is free of all prescription and over the counter drugs. Allthough I did put a KK in it instead of leaving in the crucial v2 bearing it came stock with but that’s probably ok, haha. Thanks guys.

Now sir, is your bearing under the influence of any lubricants of sorts?

Nah, I allways run them dry.

Jaw dropped.

#$&#@%)@! That was amazing. I don’t get how you keep the yoyo straight doing all of that stuff, that is what I am having trouble with the most (moving fast while keeping yo straight)

I applaud you for this amazingness!