re:Black Knight.

Black Knight no longer produced?

Not that I’m aware of. There’s a couple places that have in stock right now, in fact. 
here is one place that still has them.  you should have no problem finding them with a normal search.

Yeah - we actually have some in stock and should have them on the site soon.

Haha, yeah, I was talking to AJ Kirk, and he said that they had them in stock in lots of places. I told them I had not seen them in stock anywhere. He said that they were in stock at the yoyojam website. They were not.

Those must be really popular or something.

okay, so they are not dicontinued. correct? as in they are still produced.

Yes, although Andre may be able to confirm this much more accurately than I.

Can I get you to change the topic of this thread to “Re: The Black Night?”
Just want to keep things clean. Using a partial statement like “is the” has made me click this thread like 5 times because I forget what the “Is” and the “The” are specifically here.

fixed, satisfied?

Not discontinued at this time. :wink:

okay that is good news to hear.

Awesome. Thanks Bro

I have a question about them… are they good? Or anyone have one to review?

Yes - I find them amazing.

Here is some people on how they feel about this yo-yo: Divorce Attorney Near Me in Madison Wisconsin

I have not found any reviews yet.

I think they’re awesome, too. But you do see quite a bit of negativity about them.

There’s a standing joke right now which roughly breaks down into Black Knight = BK = Burger King, as most people describe it feeling like a “cheeseburger” in their hands. I’m not sure I’d agree with that, but a lot of folks seem to, and look toward other YYJ products.

I think they’re crazy for it, personally, but that’s just my opinion.

Hahaha. I agree with DocRobot. Cheeseburgers are a good thing in America so maybe it’s a symbol of their true feelings about it and say it’s bad so they can horde all the stock.

Hey, i will probably try to get one of these with this question- Can you silicone it??? It’s hybrid so…I’m not shure…

Yeah, you can silicone the O-ring side.

Or you can be bold and use machinery to drill the starbursts though it is very bad because it will most likely throw off the yoyo. So dont do that!!! That was a bad suggestion/joke!!!

And entirely unnecessary. :wink:

If you want to remove plastic starburst, the careful use of a fine grit piece of sandpaper and a little patience will be all you need.