Rayon string?

Hey! -I just made a rayon string! I bought the thread thinking that it was polyester, but after a few minutes of play I found that it felt… Different. I then researched the thread I used and found out that it was rayon. I love this string though! It whips great! And it also feels nice. Has anyone else ever tried rayon string? Homemade OR store bought?

Im getting some home made poly-rayon string soon

I’m going to try mixing the rayon with poly, then try mixing the rayon with nylon, then try to mix all three! Im actually quite excited. I can’t do it tonight though because my baby sister and 4 year old brother are asleep and my drill is loud…

Big sibling problems :smiley: haha

Tell me about it.

wow your siblings are young even when I’m the oldest now it’s my mom saying “turn off your light or turn off the drill it’s late!”

Haha im actually one of 7! Im the middle child. 2 college siblings, one high school, me (eight grade), my little 11 yr old sister, then my 4 year old brother and my almost 13 month old little suster with downsyndrome.

Rayon is my favorite thread has a nice soapy feel.

I experimented with rayon a little. It is great for whips and slacks and lasts forever. The only issue is that a 100% rayon string is very plasticy. I also had huge tension issues with it. I mix it in small amounts with softer spun poly to get a softer feel and better tension.

I have a problem with it. The binds are super slippy, even after i made it quite thick. Whats up with that? Have you ever had that problem?

I think the slipping is due to the texture/finish of the rayon. I haven’t had this problem with rayon specifically, but I’ve had a similar problem with wooly nylon. I’ve found the best way to deal with this is by mixing it with other less slippy threads. For example, the Dual Duty XP you mentioned using in another thread isn’t slippy at all, so I might try a 50/50 dual duty/rayon blend and see if that solves the problem.

Thanks! I emded up mixing it with another type of poly and the problem is gone. Thank you!

Wanna send me a rayon/poly string? ;D

I’ll send you the postage!