Rate the Famous Athlete/Person Above You

(yoyobro!) #1

I will start this off with a bang and say…

Justin Beiber!

({RTD} alecto) #2

im not sure there is a number low enough for him…
do people even still give him attention?

Elon Musk


Don’t know Elon Musk.

Donald Trump

(yoyobro!) #4

Really? Let’s not go into politics…

Tori Kelley


How can you not know the owner of SpaceX, Tesla, and solar city?


Just look at me and you’ll figure out.


Kanye west


0/10 Can’t stand him (although his shoe chose isn’t so bad, maybe 1/10)

Andre Greipel (cyclist)


Okay, maybe a different one. Nobody knows Greipel, I guess.

Landon Donovan (retired, but still the best)