(Rare?) Throws for sale -- Including Rare CLYW CANVAS.


Hey guys! Unfortunately I haven’t thrown in a very long while and I thought that these throws can definitely be better off in another person’s hands; that and I have been trying to save up to get my own pair of Nike Air Yeezy 2s (for those who know a thing or two about shoes), and I thought I can get a decent amount by selling these.

I value my throws highly as I worked for the money to get them. If my asking price is too high, please do not hesitate to throw me an offer as long as it is reasonable.

Extra pictures on request available. I am excessively anal about flaws and will not cheat you out on it. As a buyer on the BST, I like knowing all the flaws and as a seller, I will not let myself give you false information.

These are all going to be shipped priority! Shipping only in the contiguous U.S.

For faster replies, please email me at Shadedmendoza@gmail.com

MONEY $$$***
NSCO. Quantum or Aurora
Any rare throw (e.g. Levi Painted Peak)

I currently only want money at the moment! I need the cash and would rather take it over throws. Thanks!

NEAR MINT CLYW Space Blizzard Chief - 11th Run No Box $110 OFFER

CLYW FG Wooly Marmot (Because of ano flaw) No Box - Some other flaws as well $60SOLD

MINT One Drop Green Rally - First Run $50 OBO (Great for collectors)

MINT Artic Circle - $115

Supposedly VERY limited in numbers. Please come right when offering. Looking for at least $250, but I’m negotiable.

Thanks for looking!


New throws up!


Daily bump – Please consider buying!


Bump! Cop yourself a nice throw!


Sorry, I don’t think I replied to your reply. Can you go slightly lower.


BUMP! Need these gone, tbh


So where is the Peak for sale as stated in your title?

Or just wasting peoples time?

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prob sold the peak and is trying to lure more people into his bst



My fault, I haven’t come around to updating it

And no. Im not here to lure you guys into my BST. I prefer you refrain from assuming anything. While although my fault, I feel it’s unfit for you to call me or a BST such.

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