Rare OYY and lots more

Going back to school and have some deals
Every box will have original Jensen art in it until I run out
All prices shipped continental US
As always message me for any condition questions

First pic:
OYYx Fallen 44 fixie- $40
Raw NG2 (has some damage message me for info. Came to me that way)- $80
Raw NG1 new run(mint)- $70
OG Raven NG1 (coffin’s original. Vibes insanely bad. A real piece of OYY history)-$120

Hexada (couple of marks, still smooth)-$45
Hearse (First run black. One mark. Doesn’t break ano, smooth) -sold
Blood moon NG1 (mint, insane color)-$70

Second pic:
A-rt poupon (super cool slimline unresponsive. As smooth as wood can be lol) sold
Throwing sideways Sistine- sold
YYF KO (great condition. No marks, smooth. one of my fav bimetals tbh) -$20
Freshly dirty mountain man (no marks. Smooth)-$30
YYJ DM2 (great condition plays so well)-sold

Third pic:
JB Slim Dunk(like new)-$25
MK1 raw contact (no marks)- $35
MK1 green contact(no marks)-$30
Static Co Nitro (one of the best OD’s tbh)-$40
OD free solo joker half swap-$40
OD panorama splash(mint, will ship with flat caps instead of UL’s)-$55