Rare Old G5+

I have been buying old mint and limited throws, mostly Yyf and I just bought a RRed G5+. I bought it mainly because I have never seen one. I’ve seen black, Grey, orange and yellow but not red.
Has anyone else seen a red one or is this really rare?

Is it red with a star in the cup or half red half yellow? The G5+ came orange, grey, black (hardcoat G5++), red (yoyonation edition) and red/yellow (Augie Fash edition). The red yoyonation release is only marked G5, not G5+, though it is indeed a G5+.

Post a pic and I can tell you what you have.

It doesn’thave a star. It says g5+ looks exactly llike the yellows, oranges and greys. It has the plus sign thru the middle like the others.

I’m not familiar with it. Can you post a picture of it?

Edit - I just found the one I’m assuming you bought on eBay. I did have one of those years ago, I thought my memory was playing tricks on me. Nice find.

Yep that’s the one.
That dude had nice mint yyfs. I bought a starry night skyline off him too.

Oh yeah, don’tbe fooled, iI didn’t pay what he had them listed for either.