LF: YYJ Throws. Nothing with star burst response. Also a MOWL MRL-01 and 02

Looking for some YYJ hybrids, metals, and plastics. Nothing with star burst response. Specifically DM2, x-con pros, new breeds, legacy, speeder 2, night moves, mini’s, inspire and Whatever you want to offer. I will take a look at them.

I have a ton to trade. Open to purchasing as well. Please reach out with any offers and stay safe fam.


I had luck finding one on Mercari for under $100 last year. Maybe worth watching


I don’t got time for that when you and I can trade brother.




Bump me please

Bump. Looking for YYR triad as well

Which version are you looking for?
2014 = 65g
2015 = 69g

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Both please. Post edited to reflect the same.

Bump. Looking for an OG Diffusion as well. Ready to purchase or trade.

Are you “looking” for this OG Diffusion for collecting purposes? If you are looking for a good yo-yo to play; I would not recommend the OG Diffusion. Yoyorecreation has literally made ONE bad yo-yo. The OG Diffusion is that yo-yo. Absolutely terrible plastic yo-yo.

The New Diffusion, however, is my favorite plastic. It is the plastic that defined the high-performance plastic category.


I appreciate the feedback. I’ve never played the original. I also enjoy the “new” diffusion very much. One of my all time favorites. The only plastic to dethrone it in my opinion is the new Luftverk plastic. It’s so amazing.

And to answer your question, it is for collection purposes. One I’m missing and regret not getting back in the day. Would be grateful if you could help me out.

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If I had one, I would send it to you for free. It is that bad. I shed mine years ago. Sorry. I do have a 2014 Triad, but I love playing it too much to sell it. It is a great yo-yo.

I keep hearing about that Luftwerk…


You have to get the luftverk. You will not regret it. And you don’t have to sell the triad, I have plenty to trade lol. If that interests you send me a DM and maybe we can come to an agreement.


I am a silly dingus and sold a yoyo I don’t have. Monies refunded. Apologies for my ineptitude.

Find this man a Triad!

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Bump. Also looking for a pink and yellow protostar. Happy New Year everyone. Stay safe out there.


Still searching bump


Still chasing these plastics.