random topic: splashes vs solids vs acid washes


When you want to buy a new yoyo, do you pay extra and get splashes? Do you buy it right away, sometimes before the splashes come out? Or do you buy the solids and save money? Personally i buy splashes, how about you?


Depends really… Splashes look really look sometimes and look bad sometimes, but solids always looks good ;D

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Solids. Solids. Solids.


I do feel like it depends on the splash… Like I think the summit, in solid looks stunning, bit others (to me, the hot) look better with splash.


Acid washes!


Oh ya, let me edit the title then :wink:


It really depends on the yoyo. I think the Summit looked far better in solid than splash IMO, while others look better with acid washes/splashes… The Super G comes to mind.




I 100% agree, and yes, the super g does look way better in splash/acid.


Depends on the yoyo and what’s available.

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I find one drop stuff looks good in solids. CLYW stuff looks good in splashes. Summit is good in solid IMO, but solid avalanches are kinda meh