random topic: BROWNIE BRITTLE!


have you guys ever tried brownie brrittle? Its literally the best thing ever. Im addicted to them, and I wanted to show my love to them. Its like peanut brittle, but instead of nuts, its chocolate and chocolate chips. Im addicted… :wink:


No pics???


did not see the w lol


Just google it, my laptop isn’t working so can’t upload pics.

(Jei Cheetah) #5

why you making us do effort bruh?


Fo realz


Here’s a quick guide for you guys, I don’t want you to be left in the dark to the world of brownie brittle.

Aight so what you’ll need here is some chocolate chips, a bowl and a microwave. That’s all you’ll need to make good chocolate brittle. Even the pro brittlers don’t use any of that extra stuff. (Alternatively you can substitute mashed up brownies as a substitute for chocolate chips)

What you need to do is get your chocolate chips, and put them in the bowl like so.

Now put them in, and set the 'wave for around ten minutes. As you get a bit more experienced you’ll get better at timing.

Aaaaaaand ding! They’re done! A lot makes a little with this kind of thing, but be assured it’s worth it.

After you’ve mentally prepared yourself for the next step, take the pre-brit mix down to your freezer and let it set.

When it’s done brittling, just snap and enjoy!


Guys, I think he’s trying to kill us…