Recipe for a good time!



  1. Black-light
  2. Neon/Glow String
  3. Glow Sticks
  4. Any yo-yo Supernova in my case
  5. A dark room


  1. Put string on yo-yo
  2. Put glow sticks in yo-yo
  3. Go into dark room
  4. Turn on black-light
  5. Throw!
  6. eventually get frustrated from trying to do chopsticks and quit to make this thread. Anybody else have the problem with the yo-yo hitting them in the hand when doing chopsticks.


I still dont get how to get into the chopsticks mount :stuck_out_tongue:


Try doing it over your middle finger, it gives you more space. Also, an undersized throw will help a lot too. Once you manage to get it like that you’ll develop some muscle memory.


I used to have that problem. Chopsticks comes with time. I like to use two fingers, index and middle, to separate the strings. It gives a lot more space. You’ll get it. :slight_smile:


For me, I can get it pretty consistently (60%) but it only happens when I first land in a trapeze, I fail at doing it if I’ve done a combo before the throw.


My recipe:
A couple of yoyos, maybe more.
Fresh Strings.
Good attitude.

That’s all I need!


My recipe for a good time…

YYJ lube…
Broaden imagination…


And a dry bearing of course! Can’t run those bearings loud and dry :wink:




Ladies man right here.


And there I was just thinking he was talking about bearing maintenance.


Post made no sense… Ignore this please, lol


You can use the blue of a TV with no input to simulate a black light if you don’t have one. Looks pretty slick


The lube is for my dry bearings.The tissues are for my runny nose. And I need the imagination to create new combos. Ever tried throwing with snot dripping down your nose?!?! Get your minds out of the gutter :stuck_out_tongue: