Rancid Milk:The Red Clover Pop

i need help on the pop which string do i grab. does anyone know of a good vedio to use

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to get it at first, it helps to actually use your throw-hand thumb to separate the string segment you’re going to grab with your freehand thumb. you may also have to untwist your throwhand index like 180 degrees counter-clockwise before you make the pop to make sure the correct segment is down by your thumb. you should land in something like a weird wrist bucket (with another little “knot”).

great trick. learn red clover and kamikaze first if you haven’t.

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Anywho, the links Ed posted were great. Here is the first video embedded.


try this.
the trick Red Clover. :wink:
Helps a lot.

what am i doing wrong if i cant do the last underpass???
what does this do?

could you please specify what part you are having trouble with?
such as the part after the Red Clover pop and the grabbing of the loop of string from your left hand index or just after that.

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