Can someone help me with Red Clover? :-)


I think I did all the parts until the “Undo the overpass” (2:46) correctly. At this step, I’m not sure where I’m supposed to be aiming the yo-yo.


Nevermind… I figured it out! Doh!


I was going to reply yesterday, but I knew you would. ::slight_smile:


I’m actually having trouble with the end of the trick. I’m able to pop the yo-yo on the back string but then when I try to pop it on the forward string, I can’t get the yo-yo to move that far forward (It’s like the string isn’t long enough and I end up landing on the middle string).


Give yourself enough separation to clearly aim it back onto the front.

Shape the structure so you can see a good front string target. I seem to remember missing it when I first learned the trick, but I also remember making sure the string was far enough forward for a good target.