Rain City present DELUGE!


Rain City Skills is now tiptoeing into the higher end market! When Jeremy at Rain City offered Jordan Walker the opportunity to design his signature yoyo, he insisted that it be a bimetal that could hold its own against the best.

The Deluge is 7075 Aluminum with stainless steel rings. It sits the line between speed and stability. A comfortable W shape fits in the hand comfortably, with enough angle for Jordan’s speedy horizontal play! Check out Jordan on Instagram @raincity_jordan

What’s in the box via Rain City:

Well, there’s no box. When we were packing them up, a huge rainstorm swept the town, an outright Deluge. All the yoyos were eaten by fish, so we had to track them down. As a result, the Deluge comes in a zip up fish.

Inside you’ll find a Deluge in a carry bag, a custom Rain City aluminum “slammer”, stickers, and a small Lego compatible boat so you can be prepared for the next big storm!

Each throw is strung with a custom MFD Vines string to match the colourway!


This is an awesome first bimetal from RCS. It reminds me a lot of some of my turning points, at a much lower price… 7075 bimetal under $100. The blast and finish is wonderful silky smooth, just like every yoyo I’ve gotten from them. A great choice for comfortable all around performance.


Just got mine in the mail, I have to concur with d34… it is a pretty sweet deal for a very nice throw. No vibe what so ever.The bearing on it is one of the best i have come across. It just spins and spins and spins.