RADICAL SEAS: Set Sails dropping 2/13/15 here at YYE, don't sleep on this!

So, i’ve been extremely hard at work on something RADICAL.

I present to you all, RADICAL SEAS, a yoyo and kendama company focusing on quality, small limited runs and aesthetics through beauty and functional design.


I’ve got a TON of incredible and innovative plans for the future, and i’ve already got some incredible players on board for both dama and yoyo.

the first yoyo model: SET SAIL (prototypes Will Be Raw!!, shooting for an august worlds release) LIMITED


SPECS: in mm
Diameter: 58.02
Weight: roughly 69g/70g

Kendamas: (straight from the shop) LIMITED



Thanks everyone. PM me for any questions! Ive got a TON planned for you guys.

SHOUTOUT to jaime larkins, pat condon, thomas keane, nick yturralde, Alvin rollins, Kevin Markie and Kristiawan Arif!!! Without these guys, none of this would be possible.

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Looking forward to seeing more!

Those logos are pretty sick.

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Looks great! Any chance those Tamas have a very tacky clear coat?

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Super tacky! Not as tacky as rubber. Paint doesn’t chip!! Wears gradually. Hand turned and beautifully Painted in NC.

Yoyo looks great!

Also, we are partnering with YOYO STRING LAB for the Set Sail releases!!
I’m excited to see what quality string this we get paired with!
Thanks MattB!!!

This Overseas/Pirate theme is just Genius.
My lawd, the specs look nice!

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The logo alone is something that screams amazing! The use of a yoyo cross section at the base of the lighthouse is clever. I see that there was a bunch of time put into this company. I also dig the crossing over into other skill toys. The yoyo seems to be a little heavy for my liking but it still looks very nice! If you know me you know I love when companies have a theme and name their yoyos in that theme.

I’m glad my hard work is getting positive responses!

(All amazing graphic design skills go to mr pat condon himself!!!)

I’m happy to have helped by creating all the logos for this project. Hope to see this turn out well.

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I want that yoyo.

Your work is awesome! Thanks pat!

Wow, this looks amazing. Yoyos, kendamas, logos, everything. The idea of a company making multiple skill toys is pretty cool. Also, really like the theme you have going. I see some great things coming from you guys. :wink:

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Thanks! I’ve got some innovative yoyo and Kendama designs for the future. I hope you guys are ready.
I think that kendamas and yoyos hold a certain balance in the Skilltoy universe, so I want to produce them in a gorgeous tandem.

Ps… Website almost complete to take Kendama orders.

And a special galactic kendama run on the way!

Gearing up for a release at worlds, where you can try out both of these awesome skilltoys!

Also, choosing 3 LEGIT PLAYTESTERS for the set sail YoYo!
(up to my discretion)

You can apply for play testing in this thread!!!

(Protos should be in by the end of the July, I will assemble and ship the following day)

Me and my zero feedback would LOVE to test your yoyo…

Hehe, I’d be willing.

same here.

I would love to be a play tester.If you’d like to see how good I am: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,62848.15.html

I’ve gotten better since then though,just saying.

I would test to you any day bro, yoyos and Kendama alike look amazig