Set Sail, Radical Seas

It is a shame that Radical Seas put forth such a small quantity of the newest in its line.

If YYE has 1/3 of the edition I am not sure they actually want to sell many of this yoyo.

Having 2 of the Copper and Purple is simply insane as far as I am concerned but it is not my company.

Every company has their own marketing strategy.


On their website, they state “Accessibility over Exclusivity. if we didn’t make enough, we will make more. everyone should have access to good things.”

I hope they won’t go back on their philosophy.

While I only took a handful of business classes (and even fewer econ classes) during undergrad and grad school, I think there are a number of reasons making a limited quantity run makes sense for a company like Radical Seas:

1. Cost. For a new, small company, the cost of producing a product will either require (i) personal capital (e.g., one’s own savings), or (ii) outside capital (e.g., a friend or relatives money, loan/line of credit from a bank, etc.). So if using personal capital, it could very well be possible that the company produced only what it could with on-hand funds and made a business decision not to go into debt. If using outside capital, the company would most likely want to keep its costs and debt low. Keeping costs low allows the company greater financial flexibility on future business decisions (e.g., making another run, tweaking the product, investing in marketing, etc.). So while there may have been the opportunity to produce more, the failure to sell through the production run would not be so economically devastating if costs were kept low.

2. Testing the Waters. It is common for businesses, even large ones, to “test the waters” with very limited runs to gauge interest and determine if they have adequate margins (i.e., that they are charging enough for their product to sustain the company). While a limited run in other industries might be ten thousand units of product, a small, niche community like ours requires a comparably much smaller run.

3. Scarcity/Success. Especially with early production runs, a company is striving to achieve sell-through. If all product is sold, and the product is well received, it can create a scarcity effect, whereby others who may have missed out on said product are lining up for it the next time it is available. This is one way to generate “hype” around your product and may lead to future successful runs. If as a company your product always sells out, it may be assumed that the company is successful and has a great product. If it is assumed you have a great product, others may want to try your product. The fewer the units available for purchase, the easier (theoretically) it is to sell all of the product. There are a handful of yo-yo companies that have successfully used this limited run model (intentionally or otherwise) to generate a lot of buzz around their product. (Note: This is not a bad thing, and it wouldn’t work if their products weren’t great! ;))

I’m sure there are many other reasons that could have factored into Radical Seas, and other similarly situated small yo-yo companies, decision to produce the number of yo-yos they did, such as logistics, time, etc. Basic point is you probably aren’t going to flood the market with your product if you don’t have the money to do so and/or a history of very successful runs under your belt. None or all of the above may be applicable, just some random thoughts on a Saturday morning. I attribute anything accurate or inaccurate to my religious viewing of Shark Tank.

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There were 5 copper and purple. They sold out quick. I got one ;D

I actually prefer limited runs. I like when the things i own appreciate in value.

I understand the reason why but

they say:

“Accessibility over Exclusivity. if we didn’t make enough, we will make more. everyone should have access to good things.” <<<

5 of each equals only 90 total and to me that simply seems like a small amount to begin with since you have already stated that the colorways will not be created again, most likely.

this is simply my opinion and observation on a new company that wants a share of the market.


will this prevent me from buying from Radical Seas, no only an observation on what I have read here.

im guessing that if these sell out quickly they will make a larger amount on the next run. I like that they wont be repeating colorway, that means i got 1 of 15 purple/copper.

^ same here. I got one of the purple/copper while they still had a few and I’m really looking forward to owning a throw that was such a limited edition deal. They’ll probably make more since this round is selling out so fast (more than half were gone when I bought at around 10:15 EST) and probably will sell in higher stock for the next run.

Well I can’t ship the rest without pads can I? :wink:

(I’m honestly just waiting on pads that I ordered a month ago, lol)

I will gladly make multiple runs if I see a demand for it.


Happy Valentine’s day guys!

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Wait… Are you saying that you didnt release the entire first run?? Is my purple/copper not as rare as i thought?? Nooooooo :’(

It’s 1/20 :smiley:


O ok sweet ;D Good to get the info from the source.

I honestly don’t mind limited colourways, I’m more concerned about the yoyo because I really like the set sail. Hope it doesn’t become a peak.


thank you for the information I appreciate your taking time to post…

perhaps I can score a Purple and Copper when you ship the others in the run.

Since I buy typically by color first there was relly no second choice for me.

again, thanks for the iput.


70 grams is great for me…

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I don’t think any of us here are so money-faced as to just consider our own purchases/investments. I for one am uber thankful to have been able to snag one of these throws in the colorway I wanted before they got bought up.
I think the Limitedness/exclusivity is more of a “testing the waters” thing for Radical Seas, as this is their first release. It wouldn’t make sound business sense to supply more than the demand–they’d be losing money. And they’re not a big corporation like Duncan where a few dozen extra yoyos is no big deal–WalMart doesn’t sell expensive yoyos, but they do have tons of Butterflies and Imperials.
Plus, and I think this was already mentionedby Capes, there were more Set Sails on the way after some pads come in.
And if, after all that, there’s still no more of this run, there’s always the next. Good things come to those who wait and all.

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YoyoDoc: thanks for taking the time to respond, it’s strange after reading your posts in this forum for years, to see this post directed to me lol. I understand what you’re saying. But demand changes every aspect of business. And the only reasonable answer to demand is to supply cost effectively and market accordingly. As a business, It would be stupid of me to ignore product demands in any form.

Because I now see that I have a demand for a colorway, I have NO problem supplying it again. Creatively speaking, I don’t want to limit my number of potential new colors with old colors no one wants, I just need to see a demand for whatever colorway in question.

Also, Because of our very vocal community, the demand is usually easy to spot if you’re an active member of this forum and other social media. ( or by monitoring product sales daily)

Doc, thank you for responding. It makes me happy to see my product being talked about. The yoyo was never meant to be a competition monster at 70g. I set out to make something different… And I did. Luckily for me it was received well by open minds.

Capes; thanks for reading my post with an open mind. When I got up this morning, I was reading my post for typos. As I made it to the end of the text(quantities is not spelled quantitys, lol) I felt like I was giving you a Seminar on how to ‘Start or Run a Business’. Unfortunately, I do not teach Seminars. And if I did, my most effective presentation would probably have nothing to do with Successful Business Models.

Because I actually Love your Company name(I am a West Coast, in the Water for any reason kinda guy: diving, surfing, body surfing, swimming, fishing, sport fishing, sailing, etc.). I can smell the ocean from my house. I grew up spearfishing off the San Pedro Light House at the end of the Harbor breakwater. And when I worked part time as a fill in hand on a local Lobster boat(we worked 350 traps off the coast of San Clemente Island from a 20 foot open hull Seaway boat. And sometimes we would get ‘HAMMERED!’ by seriously horrible water conditions). So right off the bat, your Theme got my attention, lol.

A few thoughts… I think a 70 gram Yoyo in a very powerful looking shape; makes it exclusive. I think the beautiful splash Colorways; makes the Yoyo more exclusive. And I think that the limited numbers of the initial release; makes the Yoyo more exclusive.
…That being said; I don’t think suggesting the First Colorways would not be repeated, before you even know which ones will sell best has little positive effect on exclusivity.

But then again, that is just my opinion. And my opinion is right there in the Penny column; right next to everybody else’s 2 cents.

So out of respect for: your Open minded response and your Outstanding first release; I deleted my post before the potential ‘closed minded few’ might chime in whining about not understanding my view.

Also, the price is Shockingly Good. It actually looks like that would be the Wholesale price.

I see smooth sailing, ahead, for Radical Seas. I would not want my minor carpings to take away an ounce of your momentum.

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great doc now capes looks like hes talking to himself… real nice.

also whats so bad about a 70 gram yoyo? lots of dope plastics are 70 grams without even trying, i think the lightweight stuff is a fad…

I read your first response before you deleted it. I was mentioned by name 8) I honestly dont think you needed to delete it. I took none of it personally. It was your opinion. I just hope i didnt give anybody the impression that i was close minded or whining. (I dont think you were talking about me).

I do think not repeating first run colors is good for exclusivity. I dont think anything is wrong with getting excited about/wanting exclusive limited products. I see no problem with buying a yoyo and never using it. That being said i wouldnt really care if he went ahead and produced a million of each color. I have zero intrest in how anyone runs their business. I hope he sells a billion. If that happens my set sail will end up getting played a ton and getting beat.

Just dont let any of our opinions dictate what you do. Stick to your vision and do what you think is best for you.

Know what’s really funny, Nolan? I just got off the phone with Capes…and he wasn’t talking to himself, lolol.

To answer your question about the weight > My feeling was that a certain number of ‘potential buyers’ would be checking out the Yoyoexpert Store and as soon as they read ‘70 grams’ in the text box; they might just dismiss the Yoyo for its weight. Which is a sad aspect about specs. Because they can be deceiving. Within certain parameters, how weight is effectively placed can be more important than the actual final weight.

But that being said, Capes is not trying to sell a ton of yoyos to anybody. He is going to sell his yoyos to people that know a good thing when they see it.

So, Nolan, when you were thinking of something to make out of anything I say; I was talking to Capes on the phone. And we were having zero problems getting along.

I will do a video review when I get mine from YoyoExpert. That should be interesting… Lol

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As a relatively new company, I’d say make as many as you can sell. If you decide to do “limited” runs, wait until you are more established. But even then, I will always see yoyos as toys meant to be played. Spread as much love as you can. If everyone wants a color, make enough of it for everyone. It will help you grow your business and make more people happy at the same time. Yoyos are not mutual funds.

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