Radical Seas Set Sail

Warning–first review ;D that said, I’ll keep it short and sweet and to the point.

This past weekend, new yoyo company Radical Seas released a limited run of their first yoyo, the Set Sail. I’m excited to be reviewing this throw as my first critique here on YYE forums and hopefully this sheds light on this cool new yoyo for those looking to add it to their wish-list.

Out of the USPS shipping box, I was impressed by the presentation of the yoyo: the company’s name and a Set Sail sticker on the box, bright yellow string (which I believe is cotton), a sticker with the Set Sail and a lighthouse, and an info tag attached to the yoyo. The anodization is smooth and soft, the copper over purple base eye-catching.


As a “collector” of mostly plastic yoyos, I was a bit reluctant to try this one out. At 85 bucks and one-of-twenty exclusivity for the purple/copper colorway, this isn’t the kind of yoyo I want to accidentally fling at the ceiling or a chair (or heaven forbid concrete).

After breaking the Set Sail in, however, I found it played well for its weight, which surprisingly doesn’t feel like its 70 grams in the hand. It is a comfy size to hold and to throw, wide enough to be forgiving on sloppier throws but not so wide as to tangle up technical tricks when done right. Obviously this is not the best yoyo for chopsticks or uber-technical combos, as its size does hinder some of the more intricate tricks. The Set Sail plays a great deal slower than smaller, lighter throws, but man, can it fly–super smooth, totally unresponsive, and an easy target for landing lacerations and whips.

Specs (taken from YYE shop):
Diameter: 58.31 mm
Width: 43.87 mm
Gap Width: 4.23 mm
Weight: 70.4 grams
Bearing Size C
Response: CBC Slim Pads
Colors available for this run: Red, Copper, Black with purple, half blue half green, Purple with copper, and Blue with yellow and orange

As it stands now, the Set Sail is one of the biggest full-metal throws I’ve owned/played. It feels and plays smooth, with great weight distribution. Don’t buy if all you’re looking for is technical tricks and uber-speedy play. Otherwise, this is an awesome yoyo to have in your collection!

Awesome review!!!

Thanks! I’m glad you like it!!!