3 Weeks In (Radical Seas - Set Sail)


I posted a similar review on reddit when I first bought this throw, but I made a few additions now that I have been throwing it for a few weeks.

The Set Sail is my first premium throw. Prior to the Set Sail I was throwing a myy n12, dark magic 2, and yyf one. I am pretty new to throwing, about 6-8 weeks, and I have worked my way through to semi-consistently land kwijibo in the yye trick progression. Now you know my background lets get into the review!

Bearing/ Response
I am not sure what bearing this yoyo comes with, I believe earlier runs maybe came with Buddah whipples? But I think I read this one came with a OD 10ball. Regardless, the bearing is extremely smooth, and shockingly quiet. The response pads give nice tight binds, but I believe I am still in the break in period as they sometimes will give me a surprise tug return trying to do finger grinds or plastic whip. I suspect they will be perfect after a few hours of play. (Response pads have broken in, and give very tight binds, but play very unresponsive otherwise.)

This is a beautiful yoyo. I will try to post another picture in natural light sometime this week too. The finish is velvety smooth and just feels great to hold.

The first time I threw the Set Sail I was shocked by how silent it was. My next thought was, “did I cut my string too short stringing this up?” I quickly realized my string was fine, and I was just throwing a remarkably smooth and floaty yoyo. I get great spin times and great stability out of this throw. I really love speeding it up on dismounts on rewind; something about the Set Sail just feels great when you push it to go faster.
(After throwing the Set Sail for a few weeks I feel like I am starting to discover some of the nuances of this yoyo. It is very stable and is great for long combos. The weight of the Set Sail became extremely apparent when I threw my buddies Summit. The Set Sail requires a bit of extra muscle to make it speed up, but it feels amazing when doing hopping/swinging motions like Kwijibo/Buddhas, and Matrix.)

Final Thoughts
Overall I am extremely impressed by the Set Sail. It is a ton of fun to throw, and since it is so smooth and perfectly silent it really feels like a luxury throw. I can’t wait to see what Radical Seas comes up with next, but I am definitely going to keep an eye on them.

Nice review, very helpful.