Radical Seas Set Sail review

I haven’t written a review in quite a while but when I had this thing at PNWR I knew it had to be reviewed. So with that aside, lets get straight to it :slight_smile:
Background: Radical Seas is a small start up company based in Texas. They are machined by Foxland Precision but in no way is this a Foxland Precision yoyo.

First Impressions: The colorway I opted for was an Orange, rustic color. The outer cups are shiny and left unfinished but the gap is fully bead blasted, great for grinding. The finish was extremely aggressive.

Full Review: Like I said earlier, the finish on the yoyo is very aggressive, too aggressive. I ended up going through 3 kitty strings and a Yysl ammo. Since I was at PNWR I had no option but to stash it in my bag until I got home. Once I got home however, I took a sock and rubbed around the response, and just over each half. I rubbed for about 10 minutes and all my problems were solved. Now for the real fun
On a throw this thing is heavy. It reaches the bottom with a thud but not to the point where it hurts but enough to leave you with the impression that you have to teach it who’s boss. It is one of the smoothest yoyos I’ve ever thrown. It can go at whatever speed you want it to be at and the shape aids horizontal very well.
There are short small spikes on the side of each half but they cannot be used for matador. I’ve tried to but they just seem to slide off. I’m sure they’ll sharpen up over time.
The grinds with this thing are one word, BEAST. Not quite as crazy as say, a dragon, but the perfect aggressiveness. You can’t beat a bead blasted finish when you like grinding.
The only negative thing I have against the Set Sail is that at first there was a weird finish over the bearing seat that killed 3 of my bearings. That is something that in my opinion is not acceptable when bearings are not cheap. I am fine with it because Radical Seas is just starting up and I feel that they could become the next CLYW.
Bottom line: When these are out on the major sites buy one asap!

Sidenote: My phone isn’t letting me upload pictures but they will be up as soon as I can.

You should give the specs.

Unfortunately I don’t have the specs. I have nothing to weigh it on either. It’s about the width of a supernova but the size of a genesis in comparison to yoyos that most people have played. In terms of weight my guess is it’s around 68-71 grams. It’s quite heavy.

Unless these models are different ones I did the blast work on them. Some soda and some bead blasted.

I did not however blast any of the seats as instructed by RS. The bead is a 320 grit which is as fine as it can get, just about. IMO there are blasts done by other manufacturers that are far more aggressive than what I used. In fact I recently switched my bead media to a larger grit size so as to set it apart from the soda. The original was nearly identical to the soda in feel.

Although I can’t say what may have been done upon them receiving them back I find it hard to believe the blast I used would eat strings. I have done plenty and have never had anyone complain of that problem.

Thanks for clarifying. I think it may have just been my throw too. Also the weird film over the seat was not a blast but it was almost like a tacky feel. It wasn’t lube because I play bearings dry. Whatever it was I highly doubt was your fault. Props to you on the blasting though because I haven’t experienced grinds like these ever.

Ahoy there! (Couldn’t help myself)

Thanks for writing this review! It was great meeting you at PNWR!

Here are the stats on the Set Sail. We designed it to be a floaty testament to the fact that weight distribution makes a HUGE difference in how a yoyo plays.

Diameter: 58mm
Width: 44.14mm
Weight: 70 grams

Send me a private message on here or our Facebook page and we’ll get your bearing seat issue sorted out. This is also the first that we’ve heard of something like this happening and we’d like to get some more details.

It was probably from anodizing. I’ve had a couple of throws that have had similar stuff left on it, and it’s always seems to coincide with anodizing patterns. I believe it’s the chemical they use to mask the yoyo.

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