Radical Seas - Set Sail: A High Speed YoYo Review

It seems like every week brings a new company popping up with a design. That is what we have here; a new company with a nautical theme named Radical Seas is dropping the prototype for their freshman effort, the Set Sail, on the community. I will admit, I judged it completely on the render they posted when first showing off this new design. It was this white, shiny render of this crazy H-Shape beast that just hit home with me. I had to play that yo-yo. I was eager to see if they could make the actual product look as good as the render. Well, they sent me one of the raw prototype units to throw around, s it is now put up of shut up time for me. Now I get to see if I was totally misjudging this book by its cover or if it has some substance beyond the flashy look.

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I guess it must be such a bloody compelling yo-yo that it causes mass hysteria. A good sign for the impending release of the retail product.

It was just people hating on each other.

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