R.I.P. Nathan DeWitt


For those of you who have never heard of him, Nathan was a fellow yo-yo player originally from Washington State, who later relocated to the Phoenix area.  He was also the very first winner of the 1A Division at the inaugural Pacific Northwest Yo-Yo Championships in 2005.

I never had the opportunity to hang out with him outside of a contest setting.  But whenever we did interact with one another, he was always friendly and very passionate about throwing yo-yos.  It makes it very hard for me to wrap my brain around the circumstances of his death.  I don’t see him as the type of person who could anger someone to the point that they would want to take his life.


Such a shame. I’d never met him, but from watching vids of him, It’s obvious he was a really nice guy, and a great thrower. He will be missed.

Wow that is just sad who would kill him? He seemed so innocent…


Every year, more and more lives are lost. Some close and some far. Either way we are connected to each other some way or another small or big and it’s really sad to see one go.

RIP Nathan

:pensive:This is sooo sad, who would do such a thing??? Why…, just why…

Why kill someone for no reason??? :sob::sob::sob:

Why kill anyone at all???

This is incredibly sad.

I’ll pray for his soul and his relatives and close friends. :frowning:

he may of gotten in a car crash with the wrong person. This is horrible to hear :frowning: i hope his family and friends are doing well

Unfortunately, this is the time of year when depression, stress and tension and other negative emotions run at an all time high. Suicide spikes during this time of year. For me, it’s depression, yet I never take it out on others, and if I do, it’s non-violent.

Are we paying attention to what’s going on? MOvie theater shooting earlier this year. The recent school and mall shootings? Even my own locale doesn’t want to get left out, but in true Sac-Town style, we can’t get this right, thank goodness. Instead of bullets, we throw fists. A bunch of quasi-gangsta-posers decide to get all “up and at it” and caused a bunch of small fights all over the mall at the same time, causing the mall to go into lockdown, but opening a short time later after all the idiots are arrested and hauled away.

Having seen a couple of Nathan’s videos, including one just 6 months old, it’s hard to imagine someone looking so young and vibrant being the victim of such a violent end. My only guess is that whatever it was, regardless of fault, it wasn’t done intentionally, at least as far as his involvement.

Last year, before Thanksgiving(2011 for historical purposes), a sister in law of mine was shot in a case of “shoot and spray” gun violence targeting Asian gang members. Odd how the probable target was never hit, yet 2 others were. One was hit in the thigh and was fine quickly. My sister in law took one through the chest, only surviving due to fast EMT response and being like literally within 1 minute walk to the ER(although she got an ambulance ride). She made a full recovery, by the way.

In general, society is lacking decency. Respect is at an all time low, but has a long ways to go downwards, unfortunately.

Now yet another family is saddened via loss. The odds are this loss could have been completely avoided. My condolences and sympathies extend to his family.

I’ve never heard of him and I don’t recall seeing any of his videos if I ever bumped into it, but when will this stop? Too many lives are being taken away day by day and this just sucks.

Huge condolences and sympathies to his family and friends. Justice will be served and his death will not be in vain.

Never heard of him, but it’s a shame he died at such a young age.

:-[ I threw a good sleeper in his Honor, i let it spin until it stopped. :’(

I have never met him, but I go to the same yoyo class that he was apart of and I know friends who knew him; they say he was a really nice guy. I saw it on my local news; apparently he was shot and also in a car wreck but they weren’t sure who shot him. It’s very sad :frowning:

What?! He didnt do anything to deserve this… :-\ :frowning: :-[

A reporter from the Seattle Times contacted me on Facebook last night wanting to find out more about Nathan and what he meant to the yo-yo community. Since the only time I ever interacted with him was in a contest setting though, I didn’t feel comfortable offering my input. There are many other people in this community who would have much more to say than I would, which is why I’m posting this here.

If any throwers from the Seattle/Phoenix areas who knew him personally would like to contact the reporter, please send me a PM. I will give you their contact info.

Pretty sure I met Nate at YoYoFactory in Patrick’s office a couple years ago… Was he involved with YYF?! I hope its not him, he was a real nice guy if it was!! :frowning: He will be missed!!
Regardless… this is just plain old stupid and frustrating that this happens to anyone… anywhere and everywhere!! Especially someone who was obviously a good guy who had positive things going for him like he did!!

My condolences and sympathy goes to his family and the people close to him… Things should never happen like this!! And I am deeply sadden by this news!
I will definitely have a good throw session for a fellow thrower!! :frowning: