Quoting on my iPad


This isn’t really a thread about any improvements but it is about the site so I’m asking it here.

Occasionally when I try to highlight text to quote on my iPad the text won’t highlight. If I completely close the browser and restart it it works again. I’ve only noticed this happening in the last week or so. Am I doing something wrong?


Might be an issue with the device. I haven’t noticed that issue on mine (just checked again to make sure)


Thanks. I’ll restart the whole iPad when I get home from work. It goes weeks sometimes without being shut down. That may fix it.


There’s a bug in iOS Mobile Safari (affects other websites, not just Discourse) where once you’ve had the editor up, this happens. The workaround is to refresh the page with the refresh button. It’s definitely annoying.

We were hoping 12.1 would fix this, but it did not…


iOS 12.1.1 fixes this by the way. Confirmed.


Looks like it’s good now.