iOS 7.0.2 problem on an iPad

Embedded YouTube videos don’t appear in threads now that I updated my iPad. Anyone else have this problem or any suggestions how to fix it?

You just had to wait an ungodly amount if time for them to appear when they want (one time I had to have my email open for an hour waiting on photos to load and same with video load load times).

It’s weird because if I close the YYE window and start a new one I can get one to appear on my first try. Anything after that first try though just leaves the area blank.

Yeah it seem hit or miss on the videos too but more miss as i don’t see them generally either, I’m going to send apple a message and I’ll let you know the reply I get.

Haven’t noticed any issues, but I’m on an iPhone mostly. You should try tapatalk, it works wonderfully for the forums.

Hey Veg. I have problems with opening links after ios 7 on ipod.

I tap them, it opens, but blank screen. I have the Cancel and refresh. I have refreshed.


Snafu, is it the same for opening. Do i have to wait forever?

Same with mine, mainly on YouTube

Updated to 7.0.2

I’ll hear from apple tomorrow and see if I can answer this.

I’ve had none of those problems on my iphone hmmm…

So here is what I was told…

It’s an issues with the device provider of Internet or. 4g services you meed up reboot the system and begin play again.

A less than satisfactory answer!!!

In case anyone is wondering iOS 8.0 fixed this problem. Seems Apple was wrong about who’s issue it was. :slight_smile:

Press quote then press back and the videos appear works every time!!

Hated this when I updated. ''Twas so mad.