Quiting Yo-Yoing. Selling my entire collection for $80, including M1 and 888....

So, as you can see in the title, I am selling my entire collection.

PGM, 888, M1, Legacy, Dark Magic, Hitman, Modded Kickside, and a Velocity, with 30 50/50 string, 20 Perfect Fit String, and Counteweights for $80. First one to offer gets it…

It was fun while it lasted. See you guys. If you are wondering why I am quitting, I just dont have an interest in yoyoing anymore…

ha ha funny I get it April Fools!

I bid 20 bucks and a handshake!!! Do I get it???

your not fooling anyone

april fools

my girlfriend is preganent

no more samad?!?!
hey i might win chat night now :wink:
APRIL FOOLS, i still wont win chat

hahaha. Very funny Samad. It wouldn’t make sense. YoYoExpert would be short an eXpert just when he was nominated.


April Fools!

I really hope for flowers in May (XD)

ill take it! do i get it? i dont have $80 bucks but i will in 2 weeks
btw: i know your kiddin

Tie McClellan did this for two years running…well exept this year.

You are a theif of pranks my friend. ;D

;D ;D Ok! i’ll take it!


I am going to paypal you the money and force you to go through with it…

Hahahaha. You can use this post as proof!

Dryoyo I already tryed it and he would not go through with it, I even threat legal action. LOL nice joke maby I’ll hijack it next year. ;D

Darn, in a way I wish you were quitting so I could score all your throws. :wink:

Well, too late guys. Dryoyo got it all.

Sorry :wink:

don’t put that on me? :smiley:

one question for dryoyo, do you want his collection, cause if you dont…I WILL BE HAPPY TO TAKE IT!

If Samad was really quiting, I would give him the cash to bail him out of the hobby, but this was jsut a joke. Time to drop it Samad

Oh, yeah, right, I forgot,

April Fools!

heh heh…uh…

Runs away

gunshot Hey! Who left their 888 around? Oh well, finders keepers! ;D