Quit yoyoing, MANY MANY YOYOS for CHEAP sell!!! Leviathan, B-graded Hectic,etc

Quit yoyoing, so i got many stuffs for last chea sale for you guys =]=]

pm or email or add my msn : eugenebw1995@hotmail.com

B-graded Hectic
Mint condition, played for 1 time only ^^ ( ya, really once only !!)
amazing one, plays great even on compliated stringe tricks, relatively small, easy togo through holes, fresh binds
(those silver markings on the left side of the Hectic on the second picture are actually the printing of the ‘b-grade’ sign, dont misuderstood it as dings , it is in absolute mint condition =])http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm115/eugenebw/P1050075.jpg

888 Hitman mod lime
a 888 wth the 2 sides file down to became a hitman mod, 2 silver rims protects the 888 from getting any possible scratches or dings
plays wondrful just like a 888,cool lookin colour,defintely amazes your frds!!

pm or email or add my msn : eugenebw1995@hotmail.com[/b][/color]

price can be negotiated ^ ^

how much fo da 888 looks yummy =)

how much for the hectic?

trade you a nvx for both of them

Where’s the Leviathan?