Quickie - YWET


Just a short combo/trick I’ve been messing with and I got a Ywet a few days ago so a little test video using it. I plan to make some more stuff soon.

Sub if you’d like, I’d really appreciate it and thanks for watching.

Awesome bro! You’re so swift with your moves and the YWET just seems to flow through them so gracefully. I have a dri-ywet and let me just tell you, if you like the YWET, which I’m assuming you do, do yourself a favor and try to find a dri-ywet. It plays so absolutely smooth and is rather floaty even though it’s a fairly heavy yoyo. I really think you would like it a lot. Keep on throwing man, you’re very good.

Thanks man I appreciate the kind words! I love the YWET it’s amazing and I plan to get the other versions one day, I love the way the Dri and Slck YWET look. :slight_smile: