quick! win a yye t-shirt and g-string!

i scored a yoyoexpert t at nc states this weekend (size l - thanks for your sponsorship, andré!). i’m more of a black t-shirt guy, so i’m sending this (and a small pack of tie-dyed g-string) out to the first person who posts a vid of themselves nailing spirit bomb and shoot the moon (3 reps) on consecutive throws (i don’t care which one you do first, but no editing between tricks). maybe i’ll toss in a yo-yo too if you hit both tricks nice 'n clean. :wink:

response is tricky. are you up to it?

edit: it occurs to me that i probably will (and most definitely should) be called out on this, so here it is on a stock mosquito.

edit - the sequel: gotta use the same yo-yo. duh.  ;D

Mosquito cam out of the box. Spirit bomb is fine, but I can’t do shoot the moon.

Addment: I can barely loop

no time to rectify that like the present, home-skillet!
here’s the loot; i’ll let you choose between a new projam (i ditched the caps) OR a new “maple leaf” no jive. (apologies for the inverted shot; i used my isight cam.)
get on it, kiddies!

oops! TOO LATE!

way to go limoguy! nicely done, AND on a raider!
pm me your address and whether you prefer a projam or a no jive!


woot, i won!
and i pm’ed you my address to your youtube account :slight_smile:

on the way, bro.
congrats ad enjoy.
i’ll think up another one soon. that was too quick and easy! :wink:

Can the next one have no looping tricks ;D

i kinda… see some value in being able to loop, at least the basics.
i dunno about looping, but i can guarantee the next one WILL involve some type of tricky response management.

Something like Gyro flop or suicide.