Quick Video I Made!

Hey guys! I made tghis video really quick because I was bored! It’s just Around Japan, which is one of the more advanced tricks in my arsenal :stuck_out_tongue:

What other tricks do you guys reccomend learning? Not much I can do until next Tuesday except Kendama since I messed up my shoulder.

broooo what happened to da shoulder? Also, great job on the combo! before ya know it you’ll be landin lunars :stuck_out_tongue:

Some kid cut me off during a hill-bombing sesh on my longboard, I wiped out lol. And thanks man!

I also made a second video tonight with a couple more tricks!

Hey Big Yoyo, the first trick is ‘‘Around the World’’ (big cup, small cup bottom cup and spike)
Around Japan is Big cup, small cup and spike,

looking good already, keep it up

Nice dude! Quick question though, are you using your dominant hand or is that the one that got jacked up in the longboarding sesh?

Oh thanks! I thought those names were interchangable :stuck_out_tongue:

That is my dominant hand, but it looks a little awkward because I cant bend my knee (hurt in the crash) and cant use my other arm for stability. I have gotten better at using my arm to absorb the impact of the tama and now I’m more consistent in my catches.