Quick Video Ft. Diamondback- Khent Gaid

Just a quick video. Picked the wrong day for it was really windy.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.



love your style bro. What kind of trees are those? Never seen them before…

Thanks. My neighbor’s bamboo’s. Bamboos aren’t actually trees, they’re grass.

Your tricks are getting pretty smooth, you are on the path to making some smoooooooth tricks (even now they are great)! And that music…Blew my mind, I would have never expected Zelda and Doom to mix.

me too!

more feedback please

i have new videos soon



Noice bro.

You remind me of Biser! Your style is so smooth! We got a futer champion on YYE :wink: just like YYJ was correct, their throws are “the choice of champions”

Thanks man. He is way better than me though ahah. means alot man

i think it would be a pretty close match if we had a yoyo battle. Who knows but your tricks are great! They flow so well.

Thanks man