Quick vid from montreal

Hi guys!
Little video,Nothing special…only testing my gopro n my software!
16years later and still throwing,stay tune for the real one!

Let me know What you think about it… Please!

Full version…

What a cute cat at 1:00 lol. IMO your camera angle is not good at all. Anyway nice video buddy!Keep throwing.

I know the angle was not really good, but the video is my first in the last 6 years…
Im already working on something new…whit real trick in it!:wink:


Sweet video man.
I’m from Montreal as well. Yoperation was an old Montreal based club right? Think it was around before I started throwing. Look forward to your other videos.

OMG!! Soooo. Happy to see you back again!! Lets get some Yoyo contest action going In the east this year!!

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Yes yoperation was the yoyo club from Montréal…we doing a meeting soon! Send me a pm…

and for the contest part, i’m not sure if we have enough player…but that a good idea!:slight_smile:

And seriously…im really happy to be back!


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Yo (hahaha)

I’m ALSO in montreal, and down for a meet, club, whatever.

Hey!! From Montreal too!!

I’d love to finally meet other throwers!! Down for a meeting or whatever!!