Montreal Yoyoers!


Hey! I’m just looking for some people in Montreal to meet and play with!!

Thks!! :slight_smile:


Yes me !! Tu parle français ?!


It makes me a very sad panda to see there isn’t a yoyo club in Montreal :(.


Definitely… I’m wondering what it would take to create one… and how to recruit people.


I believe that Alexis JV of SPYY (also the winner of 2012 Canadian Nats) is from Montreal.


Yep, he is.


Hi guys!
Montreal will have yoyo meet again!

Contact me for more info:)

Old yoperation team members will be there and alot of new players!



Yoyo meet! Downtown Montréal!

30 and 31 march.
Between 12 and 1pm we meet at the place des arts and we move after…
Place des arts in front of the place desjardins…the big stairs on st catherine street!

For more info contact me!:slight_smile:

30 et 31 mars.
Entre midi et 1hrs a la place des arts et on bouge apres…
Dans les marches devant la place desjardins…les grosses marches sur st catherine!

Pour plus dinfo écrivez moi!:slight_smile:


I’m near Waterloo if that’s any help


Yoyo meet next wekend info will be post soon!



Yoyo meet june29 !
In montreal downtown!
We meet at the PLACE DES ARTS!around 12:30/1pm

More info? Contact me!



I’m going to be there; if there’s another yoyoer in Ottawa who wants to catch a ride with me, drop me a PM. :wink:


I am in Montreal for a summer school until July 5th.


Meet july 6 new place!
At the top of the Mont Royal…near the beavers lake.
Around1-1:30pm until late…last meet end at 10:30pm…:wink:
More info contact me!:slight_smile:


C’est quand le prochain meeting ?


July 13 at the park Lafontaine, Montreal.
We meet near the lake and the resto.
Around 1pm!

More info contact me!
Ca serais vraiment cool que tu passes!:slight_smile: regarde fb yoyo quebec yoperation, cest la page avec tt les joueurs du quebec!

Sorry for the late post, busy at work…


Yes, I am from Montreal. :slight_smile:
So far we are at least 20-25 yoyoers in the area, if not more.


50 players from the quebec area…maybe 30 are from montreal.:slight_smile:


We should do a provincial contest or something


Some pictures of what everyone brought today. Look at the tower that Alexis made!
Lots of fun was had!