Canadian Yoyoing

Does anyone know any yo-yoing events or clubs in Ontario, Canada? After living here for about 6 months, I have found nothing besides nationals in Calgary, and its driving me nuts! Please Reply!

Come on, is there nobody in Ontario?

doesnt seem like it man im out in bc

I’m in Ottawa. Haven’t heard of anything. There was a Toronto group for a while, but that could’ve been ages ago. A few of the guys from Montreal were organizing a meetup there (not Ontario, I know… but for me, Montreal is closer than Toronto!).

Toronto yoyo club is definitely alive and well ;D Meeting info is in our website. We even have our own forum for local discussions.

I go to university in Waterloo and I know a few yoyoers here and in Guelph. If you happen to be around here let me know and we could all just meet up

By the way, I’m only thirteen

Hey, I am in Ottawa! I have been yoyoinfg now for about 2 years on and off and find it really hard to find others, anyone else out there???

Hey! Ottawa here! I have a colleague who took it up around the same time as me, so we yoyo together during breaks or in line for coffee at McDonald’s. A friend also recently took it up and has been learning crazy-quickly.

That makes at least 4 of us here. :wink: And just the other day I said to my co-worker, “We don’t know squat, but I bet we’re in the top 10 of best yoyoers in all of Ottawa.” :wink: Not that I really think that’s true, but you just don’t see anybody play.

2 years in… man…

Fire me a PM if you’re ever interested in meeting up; I probably don’t have anything worth showing you skill-wise, but I might have one or two throws you’ve never tried. :wink:

Actually, you probably do have stuff you could show me skill-wise. I’m at Expert 1/2.