is there anyone that yoyos around montreal area ? im mister lonelyyyy, im so lonely, need someone to playyyyyy hay hay hayyyyy !!! (hep i realy just wrote that) ;D

I’m new to yoyo but i do live near Mtl, —> Laval

Hi, ti both of you! My name is Alex, I live im Montreal, Saint léonard, to be precise, we have a club of around 10 or so active members, hit me up, I’d love to hang out with you both and bring you guys to a meet!

Sounds like you guys north of the border need to carpool down to Easthampton MA for one of André’s contests or YYE throwdowns :slight_smile: It’s not that far…

The Montreal crew is a great bunch. I’ve gone twice so far for meetups. Would go more often, but I have kids. :wink: You’re lucky to be there; meets are a fairly regular thing especially in the warm months. You have access to world-class players like Alexis JV and Reggie Dias… plus some of the other supposedly “normal” players are far from it… there are some highly skilled players!

Moral of the story: if you live in Montreal, you don’t need to be a lonely thrower. There are people to throw with. In Ottawa, it’s a different scenario… I’ve only just recently finally met someone else who throws!

Chimera: I’ve gone down to Easthampton 4 times in the past 2 years. :slight_smile: It’s worth the drive, but I already knew people before going. A carpool scenario is a great idea, because then you at least know the people you came with. :wink: Andre is super-accomodating, though, and his events are top-notch.

cool !!! thanks guys, dindnt know so much people actually threw around where i live, tough i was the only one with a weird hobby, hope to go on a meet and throw with you guys, but i dont live in montreal im in joliete but it close enough