Quick One, By Cedric C.

tell me what you think. :smiley: dont forget to subsrcibe.

hey cool but may i suggest you use a black shirt, see the string much better

That’s pretty good! :wink: The song too, can you tell me the name?

Those were some great tricks. :wink: But, just one thing, wear a black shirt. Also, the lighting in the second shot was perfect. :smiley:

It was at the end of the video. It was Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare by Matt and Kim. :wink:

Doh, didnt see, thanks!

It was a good video, nice tricks and such. Next time don’t stand that far from the camera and if you’re trying to do an angle shot then don’t put it completely turned 180. Instead face the camera at about 45 degrees or 50.

Jade whips and follows are necessary in any combo, right?

PS: Campfire FTW!

thanks for the advice :smiley: