Quick Guide for Taking Splash Game Photos

Quick Guide

You can use a camera, cell phone or other mobile device for photos. For best results, use a solid background, adequate lighting with less glare, and use the focus feature on your camera for a good shot.

Use a software (many available free), that allows photos to be depicted in a collage format. This makes it easy to position photos side-by-side, and adjust them to be about the same size.

Once you save that collage photo, you can upload it from your mobile device to a Flickr, Photobucket or other photo sharing account. All of this can be done from a standard computer or mobile device.

I personally take photos with a camera. Then, I send them to my phone, and then I manipulate the photos with a collage app, and upload to Flickr. Playing with the collage is fun, and with practice, is a very cool way to post photos in general.

You can post in this thread for help with creating a collage for the game. If you have trouble, I am here to assist you with creating your post. If you PM me two comparable photos, I will generate a collage for you, and send it to you to create your poll.


  1. I have noticed that Flickr photos have better quality, but are more difficult to view without an extra step for Apple users in mobile. Photobucket photos appeared a tad less quality, but easily displayed by Apple users in mobile, without having to open the page in a browser.

What would be some websites that you suggest to use for joining photos in a collage?

I haven’t tried this one, but tinkered with it a bit just now, and it seems simple enough.


Or, you can Google “make photo collage,” and get tons of options to choose from. You’ll find something you like.

I use an app when I do it, but I know not everyone uses a mobile device. :slight_smile: Let me know how it goes.