Photo Sharing Thread, Flickr vs. Imgur


As you guys know, I’ve been taking a lot of photos.  I decided to make a separate thread so I don’t clutter the Amateur Photography one with stuff about these photo sharing sites.  I have a Flickr album in my signature, but back in May, some changes were made to Flickr.  For example, the thumbnails in the albums are now huge, and a lot of scrolling/loading is required to view thumbnails of the entire album.  I disliked this new feature most of all, and I am thinking of switching to Imgur.  I uploaded to Imgur to test it out, but would like your opinion. Do you prefer this look:

or this one:

As you can see, one has huge, high quality thumbnails, 3 across (on my computer).  The other has thumbnails in a layout 4 across, lesser quality, smaller, but seems to allow you to skim through them faster.  I think I prefer the smaller thumbnails because most people are skimming though to find certain photos, and not willing to wait around for them to load.  One has white background, one has black.

I gave up on Photobucket long ago, but their phone App is the best of the bunch, in my opinion.  Imageshack is in beta mode lately, so I can’t try them out well at this time.  Use the poll to vote for what works for you, or put your comments here.

By the way, Imgur is cheaper than Flickr.  Due to the number of photos I upload (the size of them), and the way I manipulate them, I have pro accounts.

So, what do you think?


Imageshack…'nuff said.


I use photobucket.


I used them first, and still prefer their phone app, but they have annoying video ads popping up while you upload. Also, something weird is happening when I try to copy the code to paste in the forum. It is like a whole minute sometimes just to get it to copy…weird. It might be on my end, but it just really annoyed me, so I went to Flickr. Flickr was not nearly as intuitive, but it offered more features and no annoying ads while uploading. Instead, it seems to take forever to upload at times…great. So, now, I’m ready to move on again. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jei Cheetah) #5

I’m quite happy with using Flickr, especially since their recent upgrade. Much easier to use and pleasant layout. Given though, for sharing quick pics that arent anything much but for quick share, imgur is my choice.



I like the imgur one more.


I really like photobucket. I’ve been using it for YEARS, so I’m probably confusing preference with familiarity, but I do enjoy it.

The best thing about it is how it automatically copies the link with the IMG tags already applied. Just makes things easier.


Imgur by a mile. It’s simple and flows elegantly.
But Flickr is much nicer now.


Thanks for you guys’ help. The vote is for Imgur, so my signature link is officially switched to that link. I will still Flickr for individual photos, but until they change the layout of the current album view, I’ll stick with that. I still have accounts with all three, including Photobucket, and occasionally still make use of Photobucket.

By the way, Flickr is a bit annoying, also because when you post photos, it gives the file name under the photo and a signature. Almost like they take every single opportunity to promote Flickr. I don’t like that so much.

Just a test of embedding into the forum from Imgur for the first time:

Compared to Flickr:
yeletsyye by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Compared to Photobucket:


Hmmm…after viewing the photo posted above, from 3 different sites, they look very much the same except for that tag line at the bottom of the Flickr pic. I have to say…the Flickr one seems a tad bit brighter, or clearer than the Photobucket version. It might just be me, but…interesting.


Well again I like photobucket, mainly because whenever you open a picture in the YYE app it just shows it. While the others open safari.


You’re not the only one. The first time I compared the pictures before reading this quoted post, I thought, wow, what’s up with the flickr one, or what’s up with the other two?


From the uninitiated point of view, the Flickr picture definitely looks the cleanest, or at least cleaner than the Photobucket version. The display view link you posted above to me suggests that Flickr is miles above Imgur. However, having used both Flickr and Imgur (although not to the same extent as TotalArtist!), I much preferred working with Imgur, just like LinksLegionare said, especially with ease of collecting direct links. I guess therefore for me it boils down to what you need. The neatest and coolest interface is probably Flickr, but Imgur is sleeker. If the quality of pics between these two is the same then I guess it makes little difference, but if you prefer the Flickr image then for someone with such quality shots that’s probably your best bet.

As an aside, the collection shots are incredible. Every shot seems perfectly arranged and well shot. Huge huge kudos.


I just noticed that Flickr takes a bit longer to upload because it is uploading the photo is higher resolution.  Imgur and Photobucket are “compressing” them as they are uploaded, to be a certain size.  I guess the end result is the quality difference that you see.  My photos are large, about 1MB.

I think I will use Imgur when I want people to view an album or set of photos (my whole collection).  I’ll use Flickr, when I want someone to post certain individual photos on the forum, or a slideshow.  I’ll use Photobucket when I need a photo online fast due to the efficiency of their app, and also to store photos there that are not as “special.”  Photobucket will remain my free account as a backup.

I will use all three still in some way, but I’m so much happier with Imgur in my signature link.  If Flickr goes back to small thumbnails, that is the only way I’d go back.  The clarity of the photos on Flickr is best though. Imgur in second, and Photobucket last in that regard.

@slowyojoe…thanks Joe.  I have taken many of those photos time and time again, and it was tedious in the beginning, but now that I have a routine down, it has been fun.  I noticed you too have stepped your photo game up, and some other folks too.  As a result, I believe YoyoExpert has the best looking yo-yo forum on the internet  :)  I guess it’s like hanging out in your home or office, you want to decorate and make things look nice.  So, I see it the same hanging out on the forum too.  We’re all doing our part to keep it looking good.

On another note, this may sound weird, but that slideshow feature I like in Flickr, with all it’s flashiness, is great.  On my laptop, before going to sleep, I used to put the laptop on my night stand and view that yo-yo album with over 300 photos.  Without a doubt, it was like counting sheep as it changes from one photo to the next.  Seriously, I don’t think I’d look at more than the first 50 before I’d be fast asleep.  And it’s just a peaceful way to drift into a deep sleep…looking at yo-yos.  :D  Seriously…you have to try it sometime.  It’s like after the 50th photo, this inner peace sets in and before you know it…zzzzzzz. Try it sometime:  :smiley: