Mother flickr….

Someone recommend something better than flickr…man…it takes days to post something… and don’t say photobucket…unless it’s fast…I got photoshopped pictures of wolves and unicorns burning a hole in my hard drive….


I use both imageshack and photobucket… :wink:

who’s faster…

(While Marge appears to be tossing a salad Homer watches the microwave.)
Homer: Is it done yet? Is it done yet?
Marge: Your meatloaf will be ready in eight seconds, Homer.
Homer: D’oh! Isn’t there anything faster than a microwave?

I think PB beats IS most of the time. It’s just been recently that IS lets freeloaders like me upload in bulk. PB has had that feature since I’ve been on. They’re the only services I’ve used so they seem acceptable as far as speed goes. They compare favorably to Walgreens - my wife uses that for her pix.

I mainly use imgur or imageshack.

I can’t stand imageshack or photobucket for multiple reasons. (UI, excessive ads and pop-ups, takes far too many clicks to get to the full size picture) Flickr and imgur are easily my favorites, but Picasa Web takes a close second. The only reason why I’m not fully on board with Picasa Web is the tighter limits on disk space usage.

Agreed, but I like imageshack’s ability to anonymously upload though. :slight_smile:

Imgur has that ability and doesn’t have all the awfulness of imageshack.