LOGIS BST pic thread


I dont understand this thread. what you got from B/S/T, what you are selling on B/S/T? possibly even B!ST? (i’m unfamiliar with their throws)

This is for some one who wanted pics, but you can only upload 4, so this is some extras.

if you use the IMG tags you can do as many as you like. IE: dont use the “Insert Image” button.


read this thread

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So I have to upload them to a website?

yea, i suggest using imgur.com it’s free and fast

Ok, I was posting them on yye, then I bedding them other places…

Facebook works pretty well too.

My personal vote goes for photobucket, but yeah, upload the pics to another website then use img tags.

Can’t get face book.


You can always post them on here and then press Copy Image URL

yep, thats what i do.

I find that it works the best.


For c3uddha


Hey ho


Three two one.