Good, free image hosting sites?


What are some good, free, easy-to-use image hosting sites?

I’m using Flickr at the moment but my account got flagged “moderate” for basically nothing and I’ve run into other issues preventing me from sharing photos of my yo-yos for reviews and my BST.

I thought about Instagram but it requires 1:1 aspect ratios which to me is a deal-breaker.

So what are some good alternatives? The less “policing” done by the site and its members, the better.


Little to no “policing”, simple to use, large capacity.


I like imgur too. It loads fast too, which is nice.


imgur. never used anything else, but its good.

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And that’s why it’s the favorite of reddit. I would keep in mind that many schools likely block imgur (mine does) simply because of the rules which allow certain things on it.


Imgur is great. Especially for people on the app. With Imgur you typically don’t have to leave the YYE app if the image is posted here correctly.


Flickr unflagged my account for now but their general attitude and community guidelines bug me. It is easy to use though. I’ll switch to imgur is I have any more issues. Thanks guys

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It was created for reddit.

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I know. I was simply explaining that due to the nature of being tied to reddit, many schools have it blocked.


Does your school board block stuff individually? Mine just uses filters.

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Yes. Reddit is unblocked (except the adult subreddits), however imgur is. 4chan is blocked and so is pretty much every popular site on the internet (tumblr, facebook, instagram, etc). Youtube isn’t blocked and neither is twitter (no idea why). Definitely individually blocked.

EDIT: It’s most likely that they filtered and then white-listed.


Lucky they blocked ERRYTHIN at my school.


Not sure if you can (easily) upload without the client though.