One Drop - Code2 - YoyoExpert Ed. (owner Xmotoby)

Posted by Xmotoby, this is his Code 2…vote which side is best:

Mod Edit: I re-posted this to position the photos side by side and edit the poll. Feel free to send me your pics to generate a side by side comparison collage for your post. I’m glad to do it.

^ Feel free to send me two photos as xbotoby took his photos, with some space around the yo-yo, not zoomed in too close, and I can generate the collage for you (if you choose). It will take longer for me to get your message and send the photo back…but it can be done within a day, and it’s worth it to keep the game looking consistent.

Works on mobile TA!

Also- right side, the left has a bit of purple looking/dark red. Not my shade for a YYE yoyo…

I did that on purpose, used photobucket instead of Flickr. Photobucket allows you to see the pic without the extra step. I may switch all mine to Photobucket, not sure yet. Flickr photos have an extra quality or “pop.” That’s the dilemma. :-\ I compared Flickr, Photobucket and Imgur once, and noticed a quality difference in how the photos were displayed. You gave me food for thought.

The left one was more in the shade, or the flash caught it different…just judging from the background. It happens in my photos too. One side will look a tad darker.

I took them both with the sun coming in at about a 50 degree angle to the floor. I guess that’s what caused the shadow.

Nice clear photos though, just what we want. By the way…I went for the right. It’s not a lot of white, but just enough for me. I think the left one has a bit too much What you guys think?

xmotoby, let me know if I can take your winning half, and put it up against my winning half, cause we have the same yo-yo…see which one people like best. We can generate a totally different comparison shot for tomorrow.

Left one personally.

The tie is broken!

They are both really nice actually. Some of these are real close, but I’m leaning by a hair. I think they’re both nice on this yo-yo.

Wow, still tied?

Someone broke the tie, and it’s back tied again. You have the most evenly liked yo-yo in history. :smiley: I think it will change in time, and one side will pull ahead when more votes come in.

Ah, some people broke the tie.