Questions on Duncan Tutorial DVD's


I was wondering if anyone owned Duncan’s “How to be a Player” vol.1, and also “A New Level” and your opinion of whether you liked them or not, and a list of the tricks on each DVD. I’ve been looking online, but I can’t seem to find this information. I know I can find all of these tutorials online, but I’d really like to know the tricks that are on them, especially “How to be a Player.” Steve Brown was a big inspiration when I first started throwing back in the day. Thanks




I’ll tell you what to do. Go to and tell them what you need. They most likely will be able to get them for you and give you all the info you need on them. If not then someone here might have it.


I have both DVDs, the “How to be a player” I’m guessing you mean the “How to be a yoyo ninja”?
On Yoyo Ninja, unfortunately, the menus only break down the tricks by type (as in picture tricks, 1A mounts, front style, side style, 5A, 3A, etc.) A New Level is a mix of some tutorials as well as video of the Duncan Crew doing their stuff (Must check out the Apparatus, some epic stuff to be seen with a 5A yoyo).

Navigation-wise, I wish there was a master trick list much like what Yomega did with their DVD as much as that would have probably been a pain to make when authoring the DVD with so many chapter points, links, etc (I author DVDs and make meus on a regular basis so I have an idea on DVD production). Since I was given these DVDs, I can’t really complain too much about navigation. So yea, I don’t quite have that answer for you in terms of the exact trick list but there’s some good stuff on there.

Instruction-wise, I think they did a decent job, really clear with their steps. They do move along pretty quick (as in showing each step once as opposed to the YYE videos where Andre shows us a given step a few times depending on the complexity) but if you can keep up, you’ll be fine.

Random note, it would be cool to see the YYE/Andre tutorials in a DVD format that way one can play it on the big screen and practice in front of it…I’ve been tempted to download the videos and put one together myself for my personal use since the space around my computer’s quite limited.


How to be a Player is really old, but there is SO much good stuff on there - I still watch it (and learn from it) years later, definitely, definitely worth having if you can still find a copy.

A New Level is pretty cool, but they don’t give the best breakdowns and many of the tricks are quite complicated, I found it much harder to learn anything from it, though on the surface it does seem “cooler”.

Haven’t seen the How to be a Yo-yo Ninja DVD…