Duncan 80 Years 1 World Tour DVD

Hi guys, I just recently got a Duncan dvd featuring their best crew members.

The DVD casing was fairly simple with the their title on every DVD. There were three disks that were neatly placed and the label design looked rad. I must say that for a priceless DVD, it has a high quality feel to it.

The menu was fairly simple with play all, and scene selection. The other disks had a choice of only playing tutorials, profiles, scene selection, and play all. Nothing fancy, no special features, just straight to the point.


Disk 1: I must say that when they say that it is filled with awesomeness, they meant it. This DVD had great filming, and featured some of the best casual yo-yoing. It also showed that the Duncan Crew isn’t a team but one big family. The guys don’t act like team members, but like brothers though not many of them know the same language as the other. This disk also taught some fun games you can have with your yo-yo friends. The team members had a style that was unique to each member and it taught the values and determination that every yo-yoer share which is to have fun and teach others.

Disk 2 and 3:

These two gave profiles of team members and they taught tricks. These people were really good and the crew tells you how they influenced the community. Little do you realize that many of the tricks you do are based off theirs. They also gave some really cool simple yet technical trick tutorials.


This is a great DVD featuring some of the best casual yo-yoing and showing guys being guys. I learned a lot from this and you guys might too.

This DVD is not sold in stores and can only be won online or at contests. Get yours once you get your chance!

~Spin on!