Duncan's "A New Level" DVD

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Duncan’s “A New Level” DVD
Well around a week ago I bought this DVD myself, and I figured I’d review it for all the people wondering if they should buy this DVD too. Is it worth it? How many tricks does it show? Is it gonna be a rip-off?
Here’s your answer;

The DVD Teaches you a variety of tricks that are pretty advanced, but not quite as much as the DVD advertises. Half the DVD is just the Duncan crew showing off, but I found this quite entertaining, and was able to use my DVD’s slow-mo feature to watch the tricks at a speed where I could figure them out. Sorry for all you 2A players, this DVD teaches every style except 2-handed looping. Here are the tricks you learn:

Three 1A tricks;
*Fury Cake (For the record this is one of Takeshi’s tricks and it is pure awesome)
*Casino (A trick centered around the chop-sticks style of play)
*Gold and Silver sleeves (Another Chopsticks thing)
Two 3A tricks;
*Fake Blue-line rolls (This is a very cool and innovative trick in my opinion)
*Hank’s favorite Combo (This is a variation on velvet rolls, which you have to know already before you can learn this trick)
Two 4A tricks;
*Tube disaster (Cool trick, but what the heck is a tube disaster??)
*Reflection (I really like this one. Great trick)
Two 5A tricks;
*Super-hyper-magic-twirly bird (A.K.A. Helicopter. Not a complex trick but quite hard and it looks amazing)
*Grip stall (This is a variation of the counterweight-stall. It starts from a Double or nothing and has a cool move at the end as well)
*Later in the DVD you learn a couple of variations on both 5A tricks.

So what do I think of this DVD? Well, at first I was disappointed because it only teaches a little over 9 tricks, but after I was able to learn extra stuff from watching the “music montages”, I was pretty satisfied. I got some good laughs out of the whole thing too. So I guess if you want a video like “Yomega mania” that teaches you over 100 tricks, this isn’t your kinda DVD. If you want a video that’s 50% Yo-Yo related entertainment and 50% Awesome tricks in 4 different styles, this is definitely your kinda DVD :wink:

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That was pretty helpful. I’m thinking of buying it now.