Questions for my Boi Brandon

  1. Who inspired you to start YouTubing? Why did you start and stick with it?

  2. Is cereal soup?

  3. Can Jesus microwave a burrito so hot, that even he himself can not eat it?

You are one of the biggest yoyo YouTubers out there so i’m sure you inspire many people to start channels :blush:


Haha! Hey BasilThunder

  1. Man I’ve actually never been asked that. There are quite a few people actually. If I were to boil it down to one person. It would be a guy named duranrider. He’s a vegan, cyclist Youtuber. I recall watching him post really badly shot, terrible quality, poorly edited videos. However despite this he amassed such a big following because he was just willing to talk about things not many people thought to talk about.

That’s what inspired me. So many people in the Yoyoing scene were posting tricks videos, but less people were talking. So I got my iphone and started recording there, trying to be the durianrider of Yoyos… haha.

  1. I’d go with no. Don’t ask me why, I have nothing intelligent to back that up with HAHA.

  2. I’d say yes…

Thank you man! I’m glad you find what I do inspirational :slight_smile:


Don’t wanna start a beef but… are you curious or poking fun at Christianity?

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Im gonna say cereal aint a soup, it would be its own category through vsauce makes some good points.

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No! I really didn’t mean to make fun of Christianity, and I hope I didn’t offend anyone…

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