Questions for brandon

1 What is your favorite yoyo of all time (not including ones you’ve made) 2 what inspired you to create offset yoyos. 3 how do you get inspiration for creating tricks

Hey Jeffrey,

  1. Favourite yoyos that I didn’t make… I think It’d go back to the Irony JP, I won every competition I ever won with some iteration of that yoyo.

  2. I didn’t actually start Offsetyoyos. A guy named Nicolas Grant started it and invited me onboard. I think what inspired me at the time was it was just something new to do. I’d never had any entrepreneurial tendencies and helping someone start a business surrounding my favorite thing (Yoyos) just seemed like a fun thing to do.

  3. I get inspiration a lot of ways. 1st way is just me mixing and matching elements, 2nd way is creating elements that fit with certain music cues. 3rd, and probably more often than not, it’s learning someone elses trick and modifying it to make it my own :wink:

Thanks for the questions