Questions about the New Inception by few and far between?

It is not too unusual for things to sorta puzzle me for one reason or another.

But since I don’t need to understand everything that passes through my ‘thinker’ it just fades and on to the next riddle…

But in this particular instance, I seem to be stuck on this one.

The New inception. I read the specs, stared at the yo-yo pics, read the story, etc. I just kinda shrugged my shoulders and thought, ‘I won’t think about this one too long since it will probably sell out with a Quickness.

I mean, it seems to have a very nice shape. 7068 Aluminum with Titanium rings. Very interesting artwork in the cups. A few rich looking colorways. And…. The price doesn’t seem out of place for the product. And it comes with some nice extras, etc.

But, it appears to not be selling at all. (Other than this post) nobody has mentioned any interest in it.

I’m not trying to give it a plug or suggest anything negative about the yo-yo.

So…… my question is, ‘Does anybody have any opinion about why this New release just kinda Flatlined?

Any thoughts?


It released a few months back on multiple websites and had a really neat special edition. I think most of the people who really wanted one already picked one up.

There’s been a pay it forward thread where a bunch of people including myself have gotten a chance to try it. Some other people in the thread enjoyed it so much they went and bought one for themselves as soon as their time with it was up.

Here are my personal thoughts on it if you’re curious


Thanks for the info.

I don’t do much social media and had zero knowledge it was released ‘anywhere’, lol.

So your enlightenment certainly solves my curiosity🤓


its already had a run a while back like they mentioned in these other comments.
its the best bi-metal in mny collection. i always joke that its too good bc it… is… spins forever perfect binds nice and floaty but also powerful and stable. its hard to put it down once you pic it up. plus you dont see too many ti rings out there. id def recommend buying one if you can. i got the unknown one its not leaving my collection.


It’s awesome imho. As to why it might not be selling the same speed as other ones, maybe when you’re pushing towards $200 on a sort of competition shape bi-metal, people just go with Turning Point or YYR. Maybe people feel like the extras are add-ons to the cost that they’d rather have squeezed into the yoyo production costs (if that’s even possible). Sadly/fortunately for me, my skills don’t really let me discern the fine differences between these nearly perfect yoyos.


I also highly recommend the Inception by @FewandFarBetween . It is imo a bargain for what you get. TI rings on 7068 Al with a bunch of cool extras for under $200. I mentioned before that this guy has a ridiculous spin time,
amazing balance and just makes you want to throw longer more complex combos. If you think your skills aren’t good enough (i disagree and don’t even understand that stamen in general) this yoyo will take you to the next step whatever your level is. There are a few companies coming out with top tier yoyos that compete really well with TP and YYR… buy the inception today!