Question to anyone capable of judging 2a

Does these count as negative clicks?

  1. 00:16 The yoyo have “wrong” trajectory but still return
  2. 00:51 Sidewinder returns too fast unintentionally
  3. 01:41 Staircase but one of the yoyo stopped before ending, from my experience this is because the yoyo don’t “feel right” and it’s a common habit to stop the loops instead of forcing bad loops

also this one:
4) 00:47 very slightly lose control
5) 01:45 also 02:47 lose control and regain it with two loops, does that count as one mistake or two? I personally think the first counts as two negative clicks, the second is one click.

6) 00:12 similar to number 3)
7) 00:33 I think it’s not a mistake, but…
7) 00:56 is that counts?

  1. And one more where one do alternating loops but at one short moment one hand is (unintentionally) slower than the other so the loops overlaps each other (not alternating anymore), but still within control (no corkscrew).

I know different person have slightly different opinion about these, I just wanna see the big picture of it.