Question on display cubes.

Hello! I was wondering if anyone can help me out with something.

Does anyone know how many of those cubes you get per order? Because it says each cube can display 13 yoyos, but are they saying one cube can fit 13 yoyos or that you get all 9 cubes per order?

Looks like you get the 9 cubes. If you place them side by side you can fit 9 YoYo’s.
If you put them in the diamond configuration you can fit 13 YoYo’s.
Take a look at the pictures that show the different ways you can set them up.

Technically you can display 15 yo-yos in the 9 cube set up if you put 2 on top.

I knew that, I just was confused like, were they saying after you buy 9 cubes or all those cubes are sent to you or what. I was just confused is all and I was hoping someone who did buy this product before would know.

Just like it says. You get all nine cubes in which you can display 13 yoyos, just like in the picture.

You aren’t technically getting 9 cubes or any number of cubes, you are getting one display cube unit. It is all one piece, the cubes don’t separate and they are attached at the corners to make it collapsable. You can set it up closed (9 cube display) or open (13 cube display). If you buy multiple displays they are easily stackable and make a great wall display.

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Oh ok! so the whole thing is a unit, aka the cube! That makes so much sense now. The wording was what was confusing me! Thank you guys for clearing that up!

Yeah - we are planning a video near future to try to better showcase. :slight_smile:

awesome because just the wording itself confused me is all .

please do. This would go great on my wall.

I was confused by these too. They look great! Looking forward to the video

If you can get this, the why is one acrylic display cube $35?

Right?!!?!? Like, I could seriously drop 50 dollars on two units and have it hanging somewhere in my house instead of a painting.

I can’t believe I’ve never noticed these before. What a great idea!

My yoyos are just dotted around the house, it’d be great to actually have them properly displayed. Definitely have to pick one or two of these up. :slight_smile:

Yeah there’s a bunch of cool stuff on this site that I miss all the time! I like the idea of it and and for 25 bucks it’s a hell of a deal! I’ve just been keeping all mine in my medium bag, but that’s full now so I need a place to put some that i’m not exactly using but I don’t want out of reach.