Question About The YoYo Factory C 13


Hello Guys. I just have a question about the C13 from YoYo Factory.

I just want to know how much a B Grade C 13 costs with Hubstacks. There is like nothing wrong with it, maybe just one or two little scratches.

On half the yoyo it is splashed with gold with the main color being black. On the other half its normal outer part black with gold on the inner part near the hubstacks.

I just really want to know how much it costs because I know its really rare. Thanks


the fact that it’s B grade with scratches loses the entire collector market. Expect somewhere around $20

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I want a Catch 13. Brings back memories.


I’m sure somebody would pay a lot more than that. That was just ridiculous


B grades were $30 new


That was when they had many of them. Now they don’t sell them anymore and they are hard to find.



Are you buying it or selling it? It sounds like you’re selling one seeing as how defensive you’re getting with Sparhawk. Price it at whatever you want and whatever it sells for is what its worth.


Feel free to prove me wrong


I would also say right between 20 and 30 and really would expect to get more out of it from trade rather then a selling situation.

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Chiming in to say that I agree with Sparhawk. I remember when they were selling the B-Grades at Contests.

They are worth $20-$30.

Like I said, I agree with Sparhawk but this just made me laugh really hard haha…




Sparhawk is right, the only people who care about ‘rareness’ is collectors. And models that aren’t perfect don’t really fly with the collecting crowd.

The most I can see you getting for it is $40.


Its not even rare. They pumped out hundreds and hundreds of those things.


Rare compared to standard production YYFs


If people consider that rare then there’s a serious problem going on here, lol.

Like all the kids in the BST putting up blue '09 888s followed by “super rare!”. Are you kidding me?


I was making a joke. The only really rare YYF is the catch 22

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For anyone confused,